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Draw For Me Episode 10 – Kev Having a Pint with Megatron



Request: Draw me having a pint with Megatron (from the recent transformers movies) by Kev Ryan

I really don’t know what’s going on with kids now a days… with their Megatrons transforming into trucks and wearing clothes and things. In my day Megatron just transformed into a cannon or a gun and that did us just fine!

On a completely different note, Soundwave doesn’t look like Soundwave from my day either. He was waaay badass and now hes just meh. Apparently the decepticons can’t afford paint either. Or maybe that’s what they want us to believe.

Also good news; I finally figured out how to edit a damn video and upload it to youtube in one piece. Finally the viewing experience will merely be unpleasant due to content as opposed to the image quality. Yay episode ten!



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Draw For Me Episode 9 – Loreana and a Panda Hanging Out on Saturn

Request: How about me and a panda hanging out on Saturn! by Loreana Rushe

So I actually don’t really know what Loreana looks like apart from her Twitter avatar. If she doesn’t look like this, well she should probably get some reconstructive surgery to match the drawing. I mean, I did spend my Monday evening drawing her. It’s the least she could do…

As for the panda of the piece, I was originally thinking of have the panda riding Loreana’s back in a cowboy like fashion wearing a superman cape  blowing the the vacuum of space. But then Loreana struck me as being a litigious character (you know, since her name starts with ‘L’), soI abandoned the idea as I didn’t want to be held liable for deformation of character.  Yes, I’ve been told that my drawings are so good that people have mistaken them for The Truth.


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Draw For Me Episode 8 – Dan Destroys Robotic Sharks

Request: hey grace, could you draw me, destroying several robotic sharks in one pic so I can one up Roy Scheider. by Daniel Spencer

Roy Scheider is the guy from Jaws. Dan is a crazy b*stard from Ireland… so in many ways Dan has already one up-ed Roy Scheider. But in terms of dramatizations of shark murdering, I think Daniel now has the upper hand in that category too.

Side note; it wasn’t that much of a stretch of the imagination to draw Dan with that face with his hands in that position. If you think about it, the whole image could be viewed symbolically. What do sharks mean to you Dan? Are they reminiscent of your mother?

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Draw For Me Episode 7 — Spiderman

Request: how about you draw Spider-man? by Ben

Watched Titanic on the weekend and forgot how awesome it is. About three or so years after Titanic was released everyone started hating on it. I guess cause it was just in the media non-stop. and people got sick of it. Unfortunately people still hate on it.

Seriously tho… its sooo good. Don’t be a Titanic Hater! It’s awesome! Alright?!

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Draw For Me Episode 5 — Wes and Chris Battle Summer Women’s Fashion

Request: How about you draw a picture of Wes and myself having a drunken street battle wearing womens summer fashion including hats? by Chris Keogan

I tried to get a decent likeness but it wasn’t to be. Chris (on the left) looks like he could be a lesbian and Wesley (second from the left) doesn’t really look like Wesley. It’s possible that the outfits are just throwing off their likeness, but I doubt it.

You can find Wesley and Chris’ outfits on Gmarket.com for as low as $80. (Alcohol not included.)

Let me know what you think of Wes and Chris’ summer look.

What will you be wearing this summer?

Request, comment, subscribe.

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Draw For Me Episode 2 – Chibi Turtle Laying On It’s Shell

Request: “hmm can you draw a cute chibi turtle laying on its shell trying to get up please?” by PaQueCuentes via Youtube.

Chibi is clearly not my forte. Attempt and fail. In future I’ll try to make things rounder, for the chibi things. Also after I made the drawing and the video I realised that I kind of went off brief which is a pretty big no no… but PaQueCuentes has already left a comment on youtube saying (s)he like it so, phew! Got away with that one! Seriously though, need to find some form of colouring things… like in a pencil or something…

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