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Draw For Me Episode 8 – Dan Destroys Robotic Sharks

Request: hey grace, could you draw me, destroying several robotic sharks in one pic so I can one up Roy Scheider. by Daniel Spencer

Roy Scheider is the guy from Jaws. Dan is a crazy b*stard from Ireland… so in many ways Dan has already one up-ed Roy Scheider. But in terms of dramatizations of shark murdering, I think Daniel now has the upper hand in that category too.

Side note; it wasn’t that much of a stretch of the imagination to draw Dan with that face with his hands in that position. If you think about it, the whole image could be viewed symbolically. What do sharks mean to you Dan? Are they reminiscent of your mother?

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Draw For Me Episode 5 — Wes and Chris Battle Summer Women’s Fashion

Request: How about you draw a picture of Wes and myself having a drunken street battle wearing womens summer fashion including hats? by Chris Keogan

I tried to get a decent likeness but it wasn’t to be. Chris (on the left) looks like he could be a lesbian and Wesley (second from the left) doesn’t really look like Wesley. It’s possible that the outfits are just throwing off their likeness, but I doubt it.

You can find Wesley and Chris’ outfits on Gmarket.com for as low as $80. (Alcohol not included.)

Let me know what you think of Wes and Chris’ summer look.

What will you be wearing this summer?

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