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Draw For Me Season 2 – Drawn in the USA Teaser

Draw For Me Season 2 – Drawn in the USA – Starts July 25th 2012!

That’s right! Draw For Me is heading to The States and will be drawing there for you! More specifically, Draw For Me is heading to San Fran.



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Draw For Me Episode 10 – Kev Having a Pint with Megatron



Request: Draw me having a pint with Megatron (from the recent transformers movies) by Kev Ryan

I really don’t know what’s going on with kids now a days… with their Megatrons transforming into trucks and wearing clothes and things. In my day Megatron just transformed into a cannon or a gun and that did us just fine!

On a completely different note, Soundwave doesn’t look like Soundwave from my day either. He was waaay badass and now hes just meh. Apparently the decepticons can’t afford paint either. Or maybe that’s what they want us to believe.

Also good news; I finally figured out how to edit a damn video and upload it to youtube in one piece. Finally the viewing experience will merely be unpleasant due to content as opposed to the image quality. Yay episode ten!



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Draw For Me Episode 9 – Loreana and a Panda Hanging Out on Saturn

Request: How about me and a panda hanging out on Saturn! by Loreana Rushe

So I actually don’t really know what Loreana looks like apart from her Twitter avatar. If she doesn’t look like this, well she should probably get some reconstructive surgery to match the drawing. I mean, I did spend my Monday evening drawing her. It’s the least she could do…

As for the panda of the piece, I was originally thinking of have the panda riding Loreana’s back in a cowboy like fashion wearing a superman cape  blowing the the vacuum of space. But then Loreana struck me as being a litigious character (you know, since her name starts with ‘L’), soI abandoned the idea as I didn’t want to be held liable for deformation of character.  Yes, I’ve been told that my drawings are so good that people have mistaken them for The Truth.


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Draw For Me Episode 7 — Spiderman

Request: how about you draw Spider-man? by Ben

Watched Titanic on the weekend and forgot how awesome it is. About three or so years after Titanic was released everyone started hating on it. I guess cause it was just in the media non-stop. and people got sick of it. Unfortunately people still hate on it.

Seriously tho… its sooo good. Don’t be a Titanic Hater! It’s awesome! Alright?!

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Draw For Me Episode 6 — Cat Guiltily Eating Dominos Garlic Dip


Request: Can I get a cat guiltily eating out of a Dominos garlic dip with its paw? by Brian Smith


Another one for the fail category -_-;  I blame it on the cat.

Boo cats!

I think I subconsciously took a drawing style more similar to the style of the Felix the Cat ads, as opposed to my usual. I didn’t like those ads. That Felix, struttin around thinking he’s hot sh*t.



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Ice Cube Painting: A Chilly DIY Project

I’ve always liked the look of water colours but was never any good at controlling them. Maybe this will help ^^


Project: Ice Painting
Supplies: Food coloring, water, ice trays, small bowls, plastic spoons, paper, popsicle sticks or a good substitute
Results: An easy way to add color to work, especially on hot summer days.

Want to do something new and fun  on these hot summer days? I think this project would be great for anyone just wanting to try something new, quick, easy, and isn’t too messy. Also it’s a great substitute if you want to do a little cheap water coloring effect in your art work. I found the tutorial at Happy Houligans post.

As shown here the supplies are common kitchen items. The only thing I had to improvise on was cutting plastic knives in half since I didn’t have any popsicle sticks. I was suprised that we also had two different sets of food coloring, the regular   4 colors and the bright neon colors. I…

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Draw For Me Episode 5 — Wes and Chris Battle Summer Women’s Fashion

Request: How about you draw a picture of Wes and myself having a drunken street battle wearing womens summer fashion including hats? by Chris Keogan

I tried to get a decent likeness but it wasn’t to be. Chris (on the left) looks like he could be a lesbian and Wesley (second from the left) doesn’t really look like Wesley. It’s possible that the outfits are just throwing off their likeness, but I doubt it.

You can find Wesley and Chris’ outfits on Gmarket.com for as low as $80. (Alcohol not included.)

Let me know what you think of Wes and Chris’ summer look.

What will you be wearing this summer?

Request, comment, subscribe.

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Draw For Me Episode 3 – Draw me as a Supper Hero

Request: draw me as a supper hero by Darren O Dowed

Yeah, thought he said “super hero”, sure he meant “super hero”, not “supper hero”. Not sure how I would have handled supper hero with a bunch of cigarette butts anyway. Very simple and quick but also pretty happy with it. Thought I might end up with a dud and sure its better than my other drawings. Shame about the camera tho. Being out in the wild, there aren’t as many convenient camera set ups as I’d like. Also just got Time-Lapse for my iPhone which is an awesome app., but I’m still playing with the settings for a decent number of frames to be shown at a decent frame rate. Sure I’ll figure it out at some stage.

New Facebook page is at www.facebook.com/drawforme.wordpress
Didn’t mention in the vid but, we also got a new page on the right hand bar; Theme Days. Check it out and vote in the poll.


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Draw For Me Episode 1 – Squirrel Stealing a Spatula

Request: I would like to see a squirrel stealing a spatula from a family of angry raccoons.

Drawing ain’t great but to be fair, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a raccoon in real life. Also the angry faces and the raccoon holding a knife really gets across the anger, I think. Ah yes, those drawing tips I learned from my brother when I was five are still paying off today.


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Welcome to Draw For Me

Welcome to Draw For Me.

1) You tell me what to draw
2) I record myself drawing it
3) I upload video + drawing
4) You look, watch + like
5) Repeat step 1

The End

Also…. no sexy time requests pleasey.

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