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Draw For Me Episode 7 — Spiderman

Request: how about you draw Spider-man? by Ben

Watched Titanic on the weekend and forgot how awesome it is. About three or so years after Titanic was released everyone started hating on it. I guess cause it was just in the media non-stop. and people got sick of it. Unfortunately people still hate on it.

Seriously tho… its sooo good. Don’t be a Titanic Hater! It’s awesome! Alright?!

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Draw For Me Episode 6 — Cat Guiltily Eating Dominos Garlic Dip


Request: Can I get a cat guiltily eating out of a Dominos garlic dip with its paw? by Brian Smith


Another one for the fail category -_-;  I blame it on the cat.

Boo cats!

I think I subconsciously took a drawing style more similar to the style of the Felix the Cat ads, as opposed to my usual. I didn’t like those ads. That Felix, struttin around thinking he’s hot sh*t.



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Draw For Me Episode 1 – Squirrel Stealing a Spatula

Request: I would like to see a squirrel stealing a spatula from a family of angry raccoons.

Drawing ain’t great but to be fair, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a raccoon in real life. Also the angry faces and the raccoon holding a knife really gets across the anger, I think. Ah yes, those drawing tips I learned from my brother when I was five are still paying off today.


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